Saturday, January 9, 2010

My word of the year.

This year I have chosen a word that I am going to keep on my mind and in my decision making for the whole year. My word is PURSUE.

PURSUE........To chase, follow or continue after. To try and find, win, strive for or seek after. To DEVOTE one self to.
So what am I after this year? There are a few things that I will be pursuing........
1. God..... I want a deeper understanding and stronger relationship with Him, He is my Father after all!
2. My husband....last year was pretty rough on us as a couple. And we are now ready to take on the world this year. This year we have decided to pursue our marriage. To really focus on each other.....I cant wait to see what God does!
3. My family....We want to see our family grow this year. Whether that is through another adoption or by getting pregnant, (that bit is up to God). I have been pretty much a stay at home mum for the past year or so and I love it, but I know that I can be so much better in this area.
4. Myself.... Maybe this one should be number 2. I have spent so much time over the past while totally focusing on others that I feel that I have lost track of me. I think that maybe this should be number 2, because if I get better at being me then I will be better at being a wife and a mother. I am thinking about taking a photography class and I am going to start to crochet!! Haha! Yep I did say crochet.
5. Friendships....When I left New York I left my best friend and all my other friends. When in NY I made key friendships and leaving those guys was the hardest part of leaving. Since being here we have really found it hard to make friends. Because of the nature of what we do people don't know how to be around us. Its weird. I think that part of the problem is due to the history of this country, the racial tension is still there and so are the memories. People just don't know how to deal with what we do. Even in our past churches people still couldn't get their heads around it. They would say things like "oh that's nice" or "why bother, you're not really going to make a difference the problem is too big"...and that's the "Christians"!
What we do is not "nice" and it is not a waste of time. Jesus said bring the children to Him. And that's what we are doing.
ANY WAY.......due to this we have basically found one couple that we get along really well with and have become friends with (they are not Christians...go figure!). That was one set of friends in 5 years....WOW! Well now we are in our new church and with in a couple of weeks of going we have made friends for life with a number of couples. We are going to really pursue those friendships this year and focus on being the best friends possible to them.
So there you word of the year...PURSUE. Do you have resolutions this year or a word of your own? If you don't then think about it and if you do let me know!


Divine Mrs D said...

I think that sounds like a great word for the year. :) You're always in my thoughts and prayers!! xxx

Andrea said...

Awesome! Can't wait to follow your journey.
Blessings, andrea

lindsey said...

Great word Vashti x

Divine Mrs D said...

Awww...I read this again and it made me happy. :)

philippa said...

That is so inspiring vash,it made me think about what word i should be thinking about and i think its love, to love God more, my husband more, my children more and myself. Its shown me i need to show more love to these people i already love and also love others more and show them, ie my friends and wider family and people who are lost and less fortunate than myself. Thanks you are such a blessing and i pray God will bless you in abundance as you pursue the desires of your heart. Love you xxx