Thursday, January 28, 2010

Helping the school.

So many of you are asking how you can help with the school project that we have going. Some of you want to come out and help, some have already sent money to go towards the work. For those of you who still want to help you can send donations via our pay pal account which is on our website.
If you do this please let me know the amount and please put a note with the donation that it is for the school so that it doesn't get used on some thing else.

For those of you who have already given...thank you so much. You really have no idea the blessing you are to us and to the children that we work with, some of you really go above and beyond the extra mile to support the work that we do and I love you very much.
So thank you on behalf of all us at Project O and on behalf of the orphans of Maphephetheni.
You really are helping us to make a difference. And to those of you who are coming out to help.......I CANT WAIT!!!!!

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