Friday, January 22, 2010

Crocodile fat.

This stuff is AMAZING! It is crocodile fat! and it has taken Joe's eczema away!!! When we were at the crocodile park the other day one of the handlers was telling me about the healing properties of croc fat. Croc fat has antibiotics which heals most skin conditions...why doesn't the whole world know this information?

I guess because it takes the fat of 3 crocodiles to make a tub of lotion that is only 15 grams! That's alot of croc for not alot of lotion! But over here in South Africa we farm crocodiles for their meat, just like cows or sheep, crocs are livestock here. So we use the skins for bags, shoes and belts, the meat for food and the fat for making lotion to cure skin conditions.

Have a look at this website and see how amazing this stuff is.

I recommend it because I see how it has really helped Joe's skin.


lindsey said...

Do you think it would help Dad's skin? If so get some and send it back with Julie

Divine Mrs D said...

That is CRAZY!! We saw a crocodile farm in Thailand. And I've eaten it before...that was pretty good. I guess, you know, don't let any of it go to waste :) xxx

Divine Mrs D said...

And thank you so much, Vashti. That really means a lot to me. I love you too, friend! xxxx

Kelly Combs said...


Jewel said...

Wow! Isn't that interesting!!
How does croc taste??


sara said...

I will have to check into this because my son has horrible eczema and nothing has worked well!! thx!!

Andrea said...


Hope you are doing well. Hugs, andrea