Thursday, December 31, 2009

A sneaky Christmas post before we ring in the New Year...

Well it's New Years eve and I am only just getting a Christmas post up! We have all been sick! Yep that's ALL of us! We all woke up on Boxing day with bad chests, snot, fever, shaking, headaches...the list goes on! It was horrible. So now that I am finally back to "normal" I thought that I should put up a post and share our Christmas with you.
Christmas day was fun. We have been really struggling money wise and weren't really sure how we were going to afford all the food and bits and bobs. Friends of ours who knew nothing of this struggle invited us to have dinner with them and it was awesome and alot of fun.
John and Melissa are our friends that we met through a total God encounter and we are really getting close. John is from the UK and Melis is South African. They have Jack who is nearly 2 and Isabel who is 3 months old.
John's family were over from the UK and we had a great time together. There is just something about being with people from your own culture and celebrating holidays with them. Below are some photos from our fun filled day........
Joe and Jesse putting a mince pie and milk out for Santa and an apple for Rudolf. We have started to read "The night before Christmas" every year and the boys really love it. This year Joe thought that Santa might like to read it when he ate his mince pie, so we left it out for him!
Good old Santa delivers again. (so thankful that God provided for us to buy the boys a gift each)
Just what he asked Santa for!
Building fun.
Milo in kitty heaven.
Pippin played and played and then fell asleep from all the fun.
The oven broke! Can you believe it?! So out came the BBQ and Christmas dinner turned out great!
Isabel, best behaved baby EVER!
Even the Yorkshire puddings rose and tasted yummy.
Melis bought the kids their own bottle of bubbly!!

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