Monday, September 7, 2009

Lovely day.

Today I had one sick baby and one well baby. The well baby was driving the sick one crazy so we decided to get him out of the house so that Joe could get a good sleep. So while Hle looked after the sleeping one we took the cheeky one to the beach. We met up with our new pastor (the new church situation is a post I'm working on) and his wife and their 2 little girls.

While the boys went off for a surf I sat on the beach with Megan and the kids and we had a great time together. The guys had a great surf and were happy to catch a number of good waves each. As I had Jesse with me I didn't get to have a surf but spending time with Megan and the 3 little ones was WAY more fun!

When we left the beach we were starving so Mart, Tom and I decided to take Jesse to Market. Its a great place to eat and hang out. All dishes are made from locally grown organic foods and it is YUMMY! We had a lovely time. Now I am home and the sick one is now feeling much better and his temp has gone back to normal...I think he just needed a quiet day to sleep by himself.


catherinecraig456 said...

WHOA !!!... what a yummy menu.... will have to try that place out.. lentil and sweet chilli chicken sounds good.

glad that Joe is better. now..

amy said...

looks nice we'll have to go there x

Shannon said...

I'm glad your sick one is feeling better! Sounds like a fun day with yummy food!!

Maggie May said...

that boy is ridiculously cute, even while sick

Divine Mrs D said...

I always love your pictures. :) I'm glad that your sick one is doing much better!! xxx