Friday, July 31, 2009

On the edge......

Well since we have been back in South Africa we have been bombarded with attacks from the enemy. To be honest I'm sick of it! We arrived home to no power and no water. 3 days later we have power but still no water. 5 days after arriving home we have power in all rooms apart from the office, bedroom and bathroom, and our water came back. Less than 1 week after arriving home our staff and 3 teenage female visitors get hijacked at gun point and the truck and all the equipment we use for our kids program is stolen. The truck is found a few hours later but has been stripped and now is sitting in the police pound on bricks. The police are trying to bribe us so that we can get the truck back.
This morning I found my cat, Milo at the top of our drive way, not moving, he has been hit by a car and is in the vets as I write.

I'm drained.
When you are a Christian I believe that you are automatically a target for the Devil, when you are in full time ministry you are his main target. These past couple of weeks have really reaffirmed this in my mind.
Everything is designed to make us to quit and so far we are standing strong, but its hard, real hard.
At this moment in time I am so angry. I'm angry that he has us in his line of fire. It really pisses me off!! I want him to leave us alone and back of so that we can come up for air, but he wont. That's his whole plan, to destroy us and our family. Well Mr, back off cause this girl isn't backing down! I wish I could get up in his face and tell him what an idiot he fact I would probable curse him out if I had the chance...that's the kinda mood I'm in! I'm so angry!
So here I am venting and I can feel my faith getting stronger as I type! I don't know how we are going to pay for Milo's vet bills...but we will! God knows us. He loves us. We ARE His kids...bottom line. and to be frank Mr Devil.........My Dad is going to kick your ass!!! He has done it before, He will do it again!
Ok I'm done!.......Wonder if Mr D will read this??? Flippin hope so!
Hope you are all having a better couple of weeks that I am!


lindsey said...

You know that God loves you and we love you and that we are really proud of you all. Also be aware that this may be the enemies attack as you change your church...he will seek do all he can to stop you from moving in the direction God wants you to go in. Have you asked them to pray for you? We love you xxxxxxxx

Divine Mrs D said...

I'm so sorry. I've been thinking of you these past two weeks and hoping and praying they'd get better. I love the comment about 'My Dad is going to kick your ass!!!' It's even better because we know He will!!! :)

I can't even tell you how much Milo looks like Sprite. Sprite got hit by a car too and landed in our driveway in front of us. They had to amputate her tail and when she was happy, she would wag her butt. I hope Milo is okay and that maybe he can wag his butt and be happy again too.

I hope and pray that the Devil finds someone else to play with after this week!!!


catherinecraig456 said...

He will embrace you and soothe your worries when you least expect it.. Hang in there and you will see.

Kelly Combs said...

Hey - I was out of town at a Writers retreat, but wanted to let you know I am SO SORRY to hear this. This is terrible. You are an amazing woman of God and you will be like Lot, God will restore!

Your daddy is going to kick Mr D's butt for sure!