Saturday, June 27, 2009

Yesterday in the Big Smoke.

Yesterday I had a great day. Martin and the boys are still at his mum's house and so I took the chance to go into London on my own (bliss) and meet up with one of my good friends from school. Zena and I haven't seen each other since school! We had a great time walking in Regents park. Catching up on the past 14 years was so much fun.

As I was walking through London I passed the theatre where Thriller is being performed. It was teaming with the press, cameras and journalists every where. They were interviewing the cast and paying tribute to The King of Pop. I have never really been a huge fan of Michael Jackson but I didn't dislike his music and I have to admit to dancing to a number of his hits in the past. Walking past the theater stirred something in my heart and a real sadness came over me. Sadness for a life lost, a life that impacted so many people over the years but also a life that was bizarre and some what confused and sad, lonely and searching. I pray he found peace before passing away.
On my trip around the city I had 2 crazy people stop me and talk to me. It seems that I am the type of person that attracts others who are not quite in their right mind! The 1st guy asked me if I was going to Joan's party! I must have looked confused and he then says that he was sure that she sent me an invite! What do I say? "Um I didn't get the invite" to which he replies "oh that's so sad."
The 2nd guy stopped me and told me that I look like the Queen! WHAT???!!!! I just hurried on!
Then when I got on the train to go home a girl sits next to me and bursts into tears! Oh boy! I ask her if she is ok and she says "yeah I'm fine" so I guess she didn't want to talk about what ever it was. She then gets on her phone and calls some one, I guess it was her boyfriend. She says "You are so disappointing, you are a total @&%$@*!&#(@)!@($@)(@*))!*#@ she called him EVERY curse word there is!! Then at the end of that she says "can you please pick me up from the station you BEEP BEEP BEEP thanks" Now if I was her boyfriend I would be like...."Hell no I'm not picking you up from the station you nutter!" Well she got off at the station before me so I will never know if she got picked up or not! So that was my day. How was yours??
Zena, Laika and I


Divine Mrs D said...

Hahahaha!!! I love it. And yeah, I probably wouldn't be picking her up either. Hope you're enjoying yourself still!! (though it certainly looks like it!)

Chatty Kelly said...

Did he mean the queen mom? If someone told me I looked like the queen - oh my! She's like 80! But he must of meant you looked royal! :-)

You are a crazy magnet. That is why I'm here, of course. LOL!

Shannon said...

Hahahaha! Sounds like a fun day with your friend except for all the crazies! :)

Maggie May said...

what beautiful ladies! and being a crazy magnet can make for great stories :)