Saturday, May 2, 2009

Update on Joshua.

Hi ,quick update on Joshua. Spoke to Sli yesterday and she said he is stable. Turns out the one of the nursery nurses was sick and she did not wear her mask, which are regulation in the baby nursery. Joshua caught sinusitis from her. Due to the congestion he was struggling to breathe and was rushed to NICU. They also saw that his blood was low and had to give him some. Sli is really having a hard time and is worn out. Please pray for her and Maxwell at this time. The nurse in question is being disciplined due to her incompetence.
Thank you for your prayers and concern.


Shannon said...

I'm so glad he is stable. Praise the LORD.

Divine Mrs D said...

Amen! I'm glad he's stable as well. God is good. Just shows you how quickly things spread, you know? Kind of frightening.