Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cookies and gifts.

I have less than 24 hours before I get on a plane to the UK and guess what I am doing??? BAKING!! What in the world is wrong with me? I dunno. I am baking a load of cookies to leave with Hle, Cindi and Amahle. Last week someone gave me this cook book! Isn't it great? It is very 70's and has some great recipes in. I decided to try one out and Cindi helped me.
I love this photo of a VERY fancy cake!

Cindi helping me out.

Here is the recipe......Coffee Cookies.
60g butter.
50g sugar.
40ml golden syrup.
1 tablespoon coffee essence. (I used coffee granules cause i didn't have essence)
1 teaspoon vanilla.
60ml milk.
1 teaspoon Baking soda.
260g flour.
pinch salt.

1. Heat oven 180c
2. line baking sheet.
3. Cream butter and sugar.
4. Add syrup and essences.
5. Dissolve baking soda in the milk.
6. Sift flour and salt.
7. Add dry and milk to butter mixture alternately.
8. Turn out dough and roll. Cut with any shape cutters.
9. Bake for 5-8 mins.

I made a glace with 1 teaspoon of coffee granules, splash of milk and enough icing sugar to make glaze as thick as you want it.

Harry was VERY pleased with himself today.....can you see how pleased he is???? DO you know why???? Look at the photo below........
This was my gift that he had managed to catch for me! Isn't that special?! Um yeah....thanks Harry.
A few weeks ago Martin bought me a great baking recipe book from Baked in Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York. I love it!! But one problem...many of the recipes call for Maple essence and corn syrup. Well here in SA I cant get either of these and so I asked my friend Danae if she could pick me some up and post it over. She said "sure" and this morning I got a box in the post from her.......I will say that when ever I get boxes in the post I get 100% HYPER! It is like crack to me! I get an instant buzz and giddy with excitement. I think it is because I live so far away from everyone and everything that when a box shows up for me I know it is going to be something special. Well Danae and I have never met and yet I feel like we are kindred spirits and it seems that she knows me so well. I asked for 2 items and yet this big box comes and is full of treats just for me!!! Wanna know what I got???? Look below.......
I LOVE sushi. Danae picked up on this and bought me this great book, it is the history of Sushi...now some of you might think I am nuts for getting excited about this but hey that's just me! Also in this photo is a box of Cocoa covered almonds!!!!!!!!! Be still my heart!
What else?..... Oreos, Vanilla extract, Maple essence, Eco friendly baking cases, Corn syrup.

Danae....yet again you have gone the extra mile, thank you so much for paying attention to the little things. I REALLY appreciate it so much.

So this is my last post until I get to the UK.....I think! I will talk to you all soon!


Divine Mrs D said...

You're welcome, Vashti. :) I'm so glad that you enjoyed everything!! I love the cookies you made too. So cute!! HAVE SO MUCH FUN IN THE UK!!!!!!! xxxx

lindsey said...

What the heck is that thing that Harry caught???? We have a mouse under our sink, the cat brings them in alive, I managed to catch a really little one the other day and put it back outside but the one today was a bit bigger just sitting in the sink cupboard as bold as brass trying to get into the compost bin!.
Well your friend Danea is certainly the best, I bought sme of that corn syrup in Blackheath a few years ago but then never found a ercipe to use it in! See you in 2 days!!!x

Flip-flop Mama said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! How awesome that you live in South Africa. . will have to read your blog :)