Friday, May 22, 2009

26 hours and I am still alive!

We made it in one piece. They lost our strollers which is VERY annoying but are telling us that we will have them in the next couple of days. It took us alomst 26 hours to get here but the flights were good and the boys were awesome! Joe slept nearl the whole way and when awake he was happy to see that they had, Cars, Finding Nemo and Mickey Mouse club house on the TV. Jesse did well too. He was a bit fidgety and moany but he still coped better that I did!
We are off to Plymouth to stay with my sister. Will post some photos later.


Divine Mrs D said...

I'm glad the boys did so well!! Even if you didn't. ;) And I hope they get your strollers back!! And maybe a flight voucher for the pain and suffering :-D


Cristy said...

Have a wonderful time!! Glad you are there safe- traveling with toddlers is always exhausting!

Chatty Kelly said...

Have fun! I'm enjoying your updates on Twitter too so keep them coming.

Maggie May said...

Have a great time. I'm glad to hear the trip was smooth. :)