Wednesday, April 1, 2009

To all my prayerful friends

Hi guys.
So I know that most of the people that read this blog are prayerful people so bearing that in mind I thought that I would put out a prayer request.
We have lived in South Africa for over 4 years and we still do not have a family car. This is really hard for us as a family as here in South Africa it is not safe for us to take public transport. It is also not safe for us to be walking. So we REALLY need a car. At the moment we do not have the money to get one so we use the ministry car...a 17 year old VW golf, that spends more time in the garage getting fixed than it does on the road working. It is totally unreliable and I have a nervous breakdown every time I go out. Being a white woman where we live makes me a target anyway, let alone a white woman broken down on the side of the road!
We need a car that can fit the whole family plus any visitors that we get. There are 3 that I have in mind

I know I'm aiming high! Any of these would be amazing.....(leaning more towards the VW), but I'm not too fussy!!

So in saying all that PLEASE could you pray in faith the God provides for us as a family so that we are able to get a car that not only gets us from A to B, but does it without breaking down between the 2 points!

Thank you everyone!



Shannon said...

I will definitely be praying.

Divine Mrs D said...

Absolutely. :)

Housewife Savant said...

Count me in.

stephanie garcia said...

Now I feel very ashamed about my outbursts of frustration over not having a car for two months ... Praying God provides this need for you!

Marcie @ Grace Required Here said...

Praying that God provides the right vehicle for your family! Love your blog!

Maggie May said...

You have my prayers, sweetie.