Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday fun.

Today we have had an AWESOME day. We started Good Friday off by going to church, it was a great service. From church we headed off to the beach with some friends and then we went to Moyo for dinner. The boys loved their day and are now crashed out!

Jesse, Courtney and Ella on the croc.

Fun in the sand. Such a beach bum!

Jelly, ice cream and custard...the perfect dessert!

Martin eating Crocodile was good...tastes like fish.

The boys dancing to Moyo's singing drummers.


lindsey said...

Great dancing boys..not sure about the curry though!

Divine Mrs D said...

Nice with all the desserts. Always the best part of dinner. :)

Maggie May said...

Looks fun but brrrr!

Cristy said...

Love these photos... Sounds like a perfect day! Have a blessed Easter!

Joanne + Michelle, kookie girls clothing said...

Fabulous pictures! thanks for visiting us and Happy Easter!

Chatty Kelly said...

Your boys are water babies!!! They are so cute. Looks like such fun!