Sunday, April 19, 2009

Celebrating a clever girl!

This week we have Catherine visiting from Northern Ireland. Catherine is Cindi's sponsor. We also have Duncan who is one of Marts good friends over to visit. On Friday Cindi took 2 maths tests at school. For the 1st one she got 50/50 and the 2nd she got 8/10. We thought it was a great reason to go out and celebrate! So off we went to Moyo's. Cindi didn't know what to do with her self. I ordered her a virgin strawberry daiquiri and I had a mango one (non-virgin ;-) )
Then we went to town and ordered loads of great food. We have such a wonderful time. It was so great having Catherine with us to spend this time with Cindi. She is with us for another week! She has just been such a blessing to Cindi and to our ministry.

Cindi and I with our Daiquiri's

Martin getting his face paints done.

Beautiful, clever girl.

Haha they will kill me for this one!!!! Oh well!!

I love this girl. I'm also liking my eye lashes in this one..yes they are real.

Cindi and her sponsor Catherine.


Chatty Kelly said...

I notice there is a lot of face painting there. Is it a cultural thing? I think it's neat.

Congrats to that beautiful smart & talented girl!

Vashti said...

it is a Xhosa thing. Xhosa are one of our tribal groups here in SA. They put on the pait to celebrate.

Shannon said...

Wonderful job on her tests!! :) Yummy drinks!

Divine Mrs D said...

I LOVE THESE!!! So sweet. :) Congrats to Cindi with her tests!!!