Sunday, March 8, 2009

Work it girl!

Cindy in her new outfits! She told me that she never thought that she could be this happy again! It really doesn't take much does it?!


Danae said...

She looks so cute!! Did you take her shopping? :)

Danae said...

You can see how happy she is (I just went and read your other post) So cute!!

cathy456 said...

My My Vashti, what a difference 6 months makes...Back then she was a shy little girl hiding behing Gogo on that Saturday morning when I first saw her. School has been the best thing for her and I thank God that she is getting everything she deserves.

Cindi has turned from a child to a young woman and how beautiful she is.. When I arrive we can have a few more precious girlie times together. I look forward to those days, especially when she finishes school for the day. Then I can spend some time with her at base. Now that will be special !!!!!

You have been to kind to Cindi and I thank you and Martin so much. God is good and his love is shining on everyone at Project 0.

See you soon

Cath X

Chatty Kelly said...

She looks great! The fashions there are the same as the US, and that surprises me. My daughter would wear any of those. She is 9.

Shannon said...

She looks adorable!