Sunday, March 8, 2009

First time for everything!!!

Today after church I decided to take Cindy shopping. She was desperate for some new clothes and I think today when going out to her pre-teen class at church she felt a little inferior to the other kids, most of which had on designer gear. She is such a pretty girl and she just needed some clothes that matched her bubbly personality. So off we went to the mall and shopped till we dropped! one of the main items on our list was a couple of bras!!! Now I don't have my own daughter and so bra shopping for a pre-teen was a new experience! Martin took the boys off to the other side of the store and Cindy and I had a good rummage for the perfect bra! So much fun.

I remember the 1st time my mum took me shopping for a was a nightmare! We were walking down the high street in Plymouth, Amy (my younger sister) was with us. As we walked past Chelsea Girl my mum stopped and says lets go get you a bra!!! I thought I was going to puke right there and then!

I had started my period a couple of weeks before hand and that had just about pushed me over the edge, and now my mum was trying to give me that final shove over the edge by suggesting that I get a bra.......I had NO boobs....why did I need a bra???

Amy was no help she found it hysterically funny and says...YES LETS GET HER A BRA!!! Ha ha flippin HA!

You see up until the point the I had my period I was a happy carefree at the age of 11 I was becoming a young woman.....HELP!!!!

So in we went. Everything was pink, lilac, lace....YUCK! Why couldn't they be made out of denim, why couldn't they be blue or black....anything but lacy and pink....YUCK!

I came away with a PINK, LACEY size 26 AA training bra.......TOTALLY MORTIFIED, and scarred for life!

Amy was still laughing!

I am so glad that Cindy's first bra shopping experience was a good one!


Danae said...

I love her smile...and your story. ;) I didn't mind the training was once I was fully developed that I couldn't handle it. :-D

Shannon said...

I remember when I got my first bra too....horrible experience!! :) Cindy looks so happy!