Monday, February 16, 2009

For those of you who are my friends on facebook you will already know the story, those of you who are not here we go....are you sitting comfortably????
My visa ran out and I had to leave the country! As we could not afford to go to the UK we decided to take a trip up to stay with friends who live in Piet Retief, which is a small town on the boarder of South Africa and Swaziland. We were long due a visit and were very excited to go and see them. They live on a farm and I LOVE farms!!!
It was so great to see my friend Simmone, we had a good time catching up. My boys loved the farm as well, their favourite thing being the cows MMmmOOoooooooooo!
We crossed the boarder and spent the day in Swaziland. What a beautiful place. We went to Swazi Candles and a Batik factory.
We crossed back into South Africa but at the boader the immigration guy told me that he wasnt going to give me a new visa until the 12th which was when my old visa ran out. I still had 3 days left!!!
So Mart and Joe decided to go back to Durban and Jesse and I stayed with Simmone and Deon on the farm.
It was just what I needed after my week of hospital stress. I spent ALOT of time in the hammock reading and praying while Jesses played with Nougat the dog. We then drove back into Swaziland and went back to Swazi Candles and Baobab Batik and bought way too many candles and some great cushion covers. We then stayed with one of Simmones friends for the night and drove back the next day.
We crossed the boarder and the guard would only stamp my passport for 7 days!! I now have a few days left to get a flight to the UK and take it down to homeaffairs to show them and they will then give me a new visa.
So there is my long long llloooooooooong story!
And to go with my LONG story here are LOADS of photos.

Sleepy heads.

Batik factory. Such an amazing craft.

Handmoulded candles at the Swazi candle shop.


lindsey said...

Nice wellies Joe Joe xxx

AndreaLeigh said...

wow, girl, that sounds so stressful. i'm sorry you are experiencing this.

Chatty Kelly said...

Bring me that baby girl so I can pinch her legs. Or your boys so I can pinch their cheeks! Oh my, lots to love there.

Sorry about your problems. Golly. Alot of deal with. Keep the faith!

Shannon said...

Wow! What an ordeal but it sounds like it turned into a great adventure. That batik factory was so cool! I loved all the pictures!

Yolanda said...

Your blog is facinating to me and I love the music that delights my ears.

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

WOW.... what wonderful pictures!
All the kids are ADORABLE!!!