Thursday, January 8, 2009

Swimming buddies....maybe not!

Today it is 91 degrees and 100% humidity and I don't have air conditioning! So while the boys were napping I went for a swim....nice!! While is was swimming these two kept harassing me.
Awwww look at how sweet and innocent they are! Don't let them fool you...they are naughty! As I am trying to take a relaxing swim they are running around the outside of the pool barking at me. After about 10 mins of this I had had enough and got out and put them both in the pool. I very quickly found out that swimming is not what Bassets do best! Sally (right, wide white marking on face) wasn't too bad after the panic had subsided.....Harry however (left) is bottom heavy and just sunk! Thankfully I was right next to him as this happened and lifted him out.
After the brush with death they decided that barking was not what I wanted and just sat next to the pool to watch me.

My dream boy...look at those eyes!


Anonymous said...

they're really cute

Chatty Kelly said...

Oh, they look so sad. They are cute pups! Of course, I am partial to my 2 guys, Boston Terriers. But who can resist a dog?

I cannot imagine not having a/c with that kind of weather! I am spoiled.

AndreaLeigh said...

those pictures are so cute!