Monday, January 19, 2009

Help needed.

HI here in the problem. We need to get Amahle into Pre-School asap but Hle can not afford to pay for it. We really cant afford to do it either so I am making a request to all my old Soul Action friends, my BCC friends and any one else who feels like they would like to help this little girl start her education, PLEASE help us.Amahle turned 2 last september and is such a bright little girl. Hle really wants to give her the best education but just doesnt have the money to do so and is really stressed out about this.For those of you who have been to stay with us...remember the little pre-school across the road from us? Its called Bears. Well that is the pre-school that we want to get her into. I called them today and they told me that it would be R850 a month. Thats about 60 Pounds or about $122 a month.If I can get a few people to give on a monthly basis that would be an awesome help. Every little bit would help.Please pray about it (if you pray ;-) )And please message me if you feel that you could contribute towards this little girls education.Thanks GuysLove you all. Vashti

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