Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Birthday fun.

Today is my 32nd birthday! WOW I feel it! My birthday gift to myself was a gym membership to Women's Movement Gym. This morning was my induction and I think that my personal trainer was trying to kill me! But I loved every moment of it and cant wait to go again tomorrow.
Last night we had a family birthday date and it was great fun. We went to a seafood place and ate way too much Sushi. My boys love seafood and they really love sushi. But the best part of the meal, as far as they were concerned was the ice cream that they had for dessert. I'm not an ice cream fan and so my boys rarely get to have any, they were very excited about the huge bowl that came with their meals. Tonight Mart and I are going out to eat and going to catch a movie, we hardly ever get to do this alone so we are excited!

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Chatty Kelly said...

Hey - Happy Birthday! Hope it was terrific!!!!