Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Help Ali.........

This is Ali, he is 4 years old. 2 years ago his mother died due to Aids related illnesses. He now lives with his grandmother, great grandmother and 4 siblings. We are looking for a person/family to sponsor Ali. All of his siblings have a sponsor but for some reason no one has asked to sponsor Ali. Sponsorship is $38, 19 GBP a month and that money will feed Ali for a month, it will also send him to school for a school year.
Ali's family will be the family who is moving into our new children's home and we would like to get all the children from the family sponsored before January 2009.
Ali's sister Cindy has a fantastic sponsor from Northern Ireland who has decided that not only will she sponsor Cindy but she will also pay a scholarship for her to go to a great school so that she can have a chance at realizing her dreams of becoming a doctor. We would love to get a scholarship for each of the siblings, including Ali. $1200, 785GBP a year will send Ali to this school.
If you feel that you would like to sponsor Ali or help us to get him a scholarship please let me know. He is such a sweet little boy who loves to snuggle and play. When ever I go to his house he cuddles up to me and will stay there for my whole visit! it really breaks my heart that he does not have a mummy to do that for him every day!
Please pray about this for me and see if God speaks to your heart.
V xx

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Edie said...

Hi Vashti, I'm not working right now but this really tugged on my heart. Let me pray about this. Would a one time gift help? My heart just really goes out to him. No child should feel that kind of rejection.