Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas tree, Kids and Drongos!

Well I am feeling a little better and managed to go get a tree! We decided to put it in our outside eating area as we will be spending most of Christmas outside. The kids are in the paddling pool and a couple of Drongos have hatched 3 babies in the tree near my kitchen, today they are learning to fly, I am a little worried about them as they are very little and we get ALOT of these
in our garden. So I am keeping a close eye on them as well as their parents.


lindsey said...

Lovely tree, did you do the oranges yourself? I have some up in the airing cupboard, the slices have done OK but the whole ones are still a bit gooey. Love you xxxx

Vashti said...

yes i did do the oranges. Caught Amahle licking them while they were on the tree. So funny.

lindsey said...

That's really cute! You should try the mince meat recipe on my blog and make some mince's really nice! xxxxxxxxx

Chatty Kelly said...

What a beautiful tree! You did good!

Anonymous said...

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