Sunday, November 30, 2008

Today is world AIDS day.....please pray.

Today is world AIDS day. I have posted some of the beautiful orphans which we support. They have all been orphaned due to AIDS. Many of them are infected with HIV.
Please pray for them and the millions of others like them. In South Africa alone there is over 3 million AIDS orphans.
Pray for protection, healing of every kind, Peace and above all a knowledge of Jesus Christ their Savior.
Please pray for those of us who are caring for these orphans, that God would give us wisdom and compassion. Today look at these little ones and ask God 'what can I do?"


Edie said...

This totally breaks my heart. I am praying. What precious little faces.

Cristy said...

I didn't post yesterday, but I was praying, and continued to pray through the night.. What an awesome calling you have!