Saturday, November 29, 2008

This evening! its been a good day.

This evening we decided to have a BBQ. It was so hot outside that we went and got the long tarps that we use for Metro Sunday School and turned them into a big long slip and slide! Oh the fun!!!!


Chatty Kelly said...

That looks like tons of fun...even the dogs got involved.

Do you live at Eagles Cove? (I checked out the website of Project O).

I am looking forward to reading your story about your life and how you got there, how you got your boys, if you're going to adopt more.

Your life seems amazing. Bless you for full time minsitry for 11 yrs!

Vashti said...

We do live at Eagles cove. God has really blessed us with our home. We were living in the rural comunity but things got a bit too dangerous, we had our breaklines cut 3 times! Which is not good when you live in THe Valley of a Thousand Hills!
I will start a post about our journey, it might be bit of a long one.