Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How many children do I have?

Last night Martin took Joe to bed, just like every other night. He reads him some stories and then prays with him and that's how it goes every night, it's their special time.
But there was something different about last night.........he reads Joe one of his stories and that's when it happened! He comes running down the hallway to our room which is where I was. I look up to see what is wrong and he shows me his hand. He has managed to get his fingers stuck in the holes of Joe's book 'Ten little ladybirds'! He couldn't get them out, there was nothing I could do but laugh, and whip out the camera, mean wife that I am. Then after a few minutes of wiggling and trying to squeeze his fingers I managed to get them out. Oh the fun and games of the Downs family!


lindsey said...

why doesn't this suprise me??

Chatty Kelly said...

LOL!! Love it!