Saturday, October 11, 2008

What a great day.

Jesse with Mummy's board
Joe in his wetsuit, yes he did go for a surf!

How many kids can you fit on a skateboard??

What a day we had today. First thing this morning we went to the farmers market for a few bits and bobs, I came away with, 2 free range pork loins, 2 packs of free range organic chicken breasts, homemade lemon cordial and 3 packs of homemade pasta.........oh yeah and 3 bottles of Snapple ( I cant get it any where else). After the market we went to the valley to see some of our orphans. I decided to take my kids with me. Even though they are so young I feel its important to instill a sense of knowing in them. Letting them see that there are children less fortunate than them and that there is something that they can do to help.

After spending time with the kids in the valley we went to the beach for a surf! We decided to then come home and have a BBQ!!

So now I am very full and very tired, it has been a great day! Now I am ready for bed.

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Mariah said...

Amazing! You're family is beautiful and so is the coast. We just had our first snow of the season, so my kids are dressed a little differently than yours. But, there is something amazing in the joy on their faces, whether cold or warm, they are all happy to be out in God's great Earth, doing the things they love. You've inspired me to post some snow day photos. Come see some time. I love having you stop by.