Saturday, October 18, 2008

quilts, quilts, quilts!!!!

A while ago a company called Krazy kwilts for kool kids decided that they were going to make all of our 150 orphans a quilt of their very own!!!! What a huge task! Each quilt was different and each had the child's name sewn into it. What an awesome blessing these quilts were to our kids. Here are a few of the one that I liked! The red one is my fav.


Shannon said...

What an awesome idea. They are beautiful!

Vashti said...

I know I was so excited when they came! My mum is a quilter and even though i have never made a quilt there is some thing so special about a home made quilt. the kids loved them. they were so special bacause they were each different and the childs name was on it. what alot of hard work went into each one.