Friday, October 17, 2008

Metro Durban. What we do.

Listening to the teaching time. Learning of God's love.
Zandile and Notando teaching.
Worshiping God is what we are about.
Mighty Women of God.
Prayer changes things.

Khetha Impilo........Choose Life!!!!
Fun for little ones.

We run 7 Sunday school programs and reach around 3,000 children a week with the life giving gospel of Jesus Christ. These little ones are the reason why we do it. In a place where there is little hope we bring them His hope!


Cristy said...

How exciting! What a blessing to be able to minister in such a powerful way. I will be praying for you and your ministry to these children.

My son is considering South Africa for a missions trip next summer...

Vashti said...

hey can tell your son that we run a visitor adventure programe if he is interested! get him to have a look at our website.

we love having people come to stay.
God Bless.