Thursday, October 9, 2008

Joe's first few days at school

This week Joe, my nearly 3 year old, started school! We have placed him in a very good Montessori Pre-school. His first day we took him and led him into the class room, he went off and started playing straight away and never looked back, I cried the second I got into the car to drive away! When I went to pick him up the first thing he told me was "Mummy I did a poo!"
Great, your first day of school and that is all you have to tell me!

Day 2 he was sick and so didn't go to school.

Day 3 was fine so he went, he cried a little when I was leaving but was so excited when I picked him up, talked about Janice, she is his new teacher, the whole way home.

Day4. This morning he woke up and came into my room telling me he wants to go see Janice......I'm feeling a little jealous!
I pick him up and Janice tells me that I need to send him with more snack........ today he went with a sandwich, orange and some home popped pop corn.........that's a great snack......guess all the running around is making him hungrier than usual. For those of you that know him you are probably wondering 'How is the possible??' I know I ask myself the same thing!

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